Idecided to have my first slumber party over the summer, and I was lost with ideas to make this the best sleepover party…ever! I reached out to my mom and she mentioned games, and creating glamorous hairstyles and learning new make-up tips. We had a plan and I set off creating the invitations for 6 of my closest gal friends. Since it was the summer we decided to set up our huge camping tent that you can actually stand up in. Decorated the tent with fresh flowers, and were even able to fit small sofa inside of with and lots of pillows and blankets.  

The day arrives, with so much excitement, lots of great food “thanks to my mom”

We played some hilarious games like truth and dare, and spin the nail polish board game. So much laughter and the wild nail polish colors my mom purchased was a huge hit. Everyone had wild and crazy color on their hands and feet.  

We started too settled in for our evening for our endless chatter about boys, secrets, and looking through the endless glamour magazines my mom placed out. We had a basket of my favorite hair tools by InGlam.  I had my 1.25 Silk flat iron, my favorite 3 in 1 curling kit, and my mom let me borrow her professional Prestige flat iron. We started to create our own glamour hairstyles and it was so much fun just to pamper each other and tell each how beautiful we looked. We created beachy curl looks, ringlets and one of my best friends has curly hair and the flat iron gave her a whole new sleek look. WOW!

The night ended amazing and I will never forget my first slumber party, it will be in my everlasting memories of my childhood. 

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