First I thought nothing. I felt nothing. I was nothing – except a mother, of course. But feeling good as a woman, despite the Divorce diet that knocked 30+ pounds off my mature frame in a matter of three months?

As the ink eventually dried on the paperwork and my kids were encouraging me to get out and date, I began to fancy a makeover.

Why not?

I thought about dying my hair blond. Of course, I would start trying new applications of make-up and create new hairstyles my hair.

I even visited some of those clinics that offer facial treatments, thanks to low self-esteem after divorce and tried some of those Botox treatments to freeze the stress from my face. Join a gym, and worked hard to tighten my body from all the weight loss. A mental makeover will definitely benefit from a positive attitude and a little luck, but also time to heal. A physical makeover? That just may spark the emotional uptick I needed.

And was it really necessary to have these facial treatments to compete on the post-divorce dating scenes not to mention for a better sex life? Yes!

We all know that divorce is an ending, and it can be terribly painful on so many levels.

When you feel unwanted, undesired, unhitched and unhinged, self-confidence takes a hike.

But divorce can also mean some gradual new beginnings – sometimes helped along by an updated look.

As my divorce wore on, and in the months after, I realized that I wanted a new look for my new life. I wasn’t sure what that would mean, and despite toying with the idea of dying my hair blonde hair, I knew I needed to take my time and ease into a brighter, shinier, improved me.

I had lived too many years in which I felt invisible, and I didn’t want to feel that way any longer.

I grew my hair. I went to a sexier, slightly more tousled style. I would use my InGlam flat Iron when I wanted a sleek look, or when I wanted that tousled look, kind of sexy, but Glamorous I would turn to my InGlam curling kit.

I felt comfortable wearing, to try new looks, and to be more relaxed or more daring in my style than I could be when I was married.

I experimented. And it felt fabulous.

I changed my clothing style, I changed my perfume, and I took up healthier habits, however, Happy Hour with my new single girlfriends was fun as well.  I had let go of the merry-go-round of mothering and working. I also treated myself to fine lingerie, threw out my lingerie that was a number of years old and made me feel sexier than ever.

Might I add, we should wear our gorgeous lingerie every day, and not just for special occasions? We should do it for ourselves, not just for others. Nor did I really want a full-blown makeover, I needed to keep true to myself. The real issue was to feel as though I deserved to pay attention to myself – no matter what my ex thought of me, no matter my marital status, no matter my weight or my age.

I wanted to flirt, to date, to feel womanly – something I hadn’t felt in my marriage. Time to find the Glamour from Within.

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